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Do most modern genocides follow the Armenian paradigm, as opposed to the Holocause?,%20Paradigms%20of%20Genocide.pdf

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Iran and the First World War

The First World War had a profound effect on the history of many non-European nations. Indeed, the dominant Eurocentric approach to historiography regarding this period, with a specific focus on the trench wars in Western Europe, ignores how the Great … Continue reading

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Democracy Now! Reports on Turkey’s Attempt to Write Armenian Genocide Out of History

Click here to read a transcript of Amy Goodman’s interview with Ronald Suny, Political Science Professor at the University of Chicago. Suny authored an article in Encarta Encyclopedia regarding what he called the genocide of Armenians during the last days … Continue reading

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Ottoman Map of Basra Province

Here’s a late 19th century/early 20th century Ottoman map of Basra province, which extends down to Oman.  The “Persian” Gulf is referred to here as the “Basra” Gulf.

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1915 Ottoman Ethnic Map of the Levant

1915 Ottoman Ethnic Map of the Levant Here is a 1915 Ottoman governmental ethnic map of Syria, Lebanon, Israel/Palestine and other areas in the region.  Check the posting, for analysis of the categories and significance of the map itself.

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