Dracula and the Turks: The Connection Between Mehmet the Conqueror and Vlad the Impaler

It’s 1462. The Ottoman army is advancing under the orders of Sultan Mehmet II through the Romanian countryside toward Târgovişte, medieval capital of Walachia.

Vlad Dracula and Mehmet II were both born into royalty and were about the same age. As boys they each had to be beaten by tutors for rebellious behavior. As men both were suspicious, proud and moody. Each had a chip on his shoulder: Mehmet because he had been deposed and was held in low regard by the Ottoman court; Vlad because he was a prisoner of an Ottoman state that his father was not strong enough to fight. They would become remarkably similar rulers. They rewarded talent at the expense of entrenched aristocracy. On the battlefield both understood psychological warfare-particularly the value of shock. They were practically twins-and as a consequence they loathed each other.




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